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Xerfer Capsules

Xefer Capsules

Traditional Punarnava Mandooram reimagined to treat iron deficiency

Anaemia is widely prevalent in India and is characterised by a lack of healthy red blood cells that carry oxygen to different parts of the body. When the consumption of iron is insufficient, it can lead to iron deficiency anaemia, one of the most common types of anemia. According to Ayurveda, this type of anaemia results from the formation of toxins or aama, and the imbalance of the Pitta dosha and Rakta dhatu in the body.

Xerfer® Capsules, a new take on the traditional Punarnava mandooram used to treat iron deficiency anaemia, is effective for iron deficiency anaemia and is safe during pregnancy too!

Product Indications

    • Iron deficiency Anaemia

Effective Dosage

The most effective dosage of Xerfer® is one capsule, twice daily before food. The medication can be used for around two to three months or as directed by the doctor.

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Product Benefits And Features

    • Xerfer® Capsules contain naturally processed iron with herbal extracts.
    • These capsules are easily digested and absorbed without any gastrointestinal side effects.
    • Emblica Officinalis in the tablets provides vitamin C needed for iron absorption.
    • Boerhavia diffusa is a diuretic that reduces oedema commonly associated with pregnancy.
    • Provides antioxidants that relieve oxidative stresses on RBCs.
    • Enhances iron absorption.

Ingredients & Composition

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