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Lumbaton® Soft Gel Capsules

Lumbaton® Soft Gel Capsules

The Lumbar Spine Specialist

Lumbaton® soft gel capsule is an effective anti-degenerative that helps reverse the degeneration of several structures including the intervertebral discs in the lumbar spine and the saccharum. Lumbaton® soft gel capsules are prescribed by over 5000 doctors all over India for the management of Lumbago & Sciatica

Product Indications

Lumbaton® capsules are used to treat the following conditions in men:


    • Lumbar Spondylosis
    • Sciatica / Lumbo-sacharal radiculopathy
    • Lumbar Spondylolisthesis
    • Lumbago due to Muscle sprain and spasm
    • Facet arthropathy in the Lumbar Spine
    • Degeneration in the ligaments surrounding the Lumbar spine

Effective Dosage

2 capsules thrice daily before food in severe/acute conditions

2 capsules twice daily in moderate-mild conditions

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Product Benefits And Features

    • Lumbaton® soft gel capsules contain a proprietary Ayurvedic oil in which tila taila is processed with several vata shamaka dravyas, Eranda taila that helps treat & reverse degenration
    • Created from the insights of Ayurveda “Bahya abhyantara snehana” for asthi majja gata vikaras, the proprietary oil combination in Lumbaton ® soft gel capsules help nourish the inter-vertebral discs and prevent degeneration of the discs, ligaments and other joints involved in the Lumbar vertebrae
    • Contains specific ingredients of Apana Vayu Anulomana Like Eranda taila, Sahachara which helps relieve pain & prevent degeneration
    • Tila taila processed with Dasamoola & various other vatahara dravyas help repair and regenerate damaged nerves thereby reducing the symptoms of sciatica like referred/radiating pain, numbness, loss of sensation, burning sensation etc.
    • Formulated as soft gel capsules, Lumbaton ® helps increases palatability and ease of use thereby increasing patient compliance and adherence to regimen

Ingredients & Composition

अन्तराकन्डरागुल्फ सिराबस्त्यग्नि कर्म च ।
Causes of low back pain & sciatica include Lumbar spondylosis which is a disorder characterised by degeneration in the structures associated with the Lumbar spine like - intervertebral discs, facet joints & ligaments as well as inflammation in the facet joints or sacro-iliac joints.

These degenerative changes or inflammation lead to pressure/irritation to the emerging nerve roots from the lumbar spine leading to symptoms like pain in the low back, radiating pain, numbness, weakness & tingling sensation in the lower limbs.

बाह्यभ्यन्तरतः स्नेहो अस्थिमज्जागतम् जयेत् ।

The process of degeneration in Ayurveda is considered to be due to vata-prakopa.

The classical text books of Ayurveda advocate snehana as the most important therapeutic intervention for the management of kevala vata prakopa.
Furthermore A.Hru also mentions that, vata prakopa in asthi & majjas, (which characterise the skeletal & neurological tissues) should be treated with bahya & abhyantara snehana. Herbs with madhura, ushna and snigdha gunas are recommended for medicating the snehas.
Lumbar region is the stana for Apana Vayu for which Anulomana is recommended.

With these insights & AVN’s experience of treating low back pain for several decades, AVN has developed Lumbaton, which is a combination of a yamaka sneha comprising of tila taila & eranda taila processed with herbs like Sahachara, Rasna, Dasamoola. It has been formulated as a soft gelatin capsule for better patient convenience & compliance.

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