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AVN Ayurveda is set on a journey to introduce people around the world to the goodness of Modern Ayurveda. We offer a wide range of specialized export brands that are liable to be marketed and sold internationally. Each of the products is created to comply with local regulations. We strive to register these products abroad with compliance with local importers. Each of our channel partners has specially designed policies that are shared post the process of registration is completed.

Our partners globally are segregated into the following categories:

International Agents


Partners who register, import and distribute our highly effective medicines or supplements. They vouch for our safe medicines that are free from heavy metals and are manufactured through WHO-GMP standards.

Benefits for our international agents

  • Specific brands for specific products which comply with the regulations of the country
  • Highly safe products with little or no known adverse reactions.

Marketing companies looking for white-labelled products

Channel partner companies that are making and marketing herb-based dietary supplements abroad. These partners have the license to distribute our products in international markets.

Benefits for our channel partners

  • Well researched and developed products which can be launched immediately.
  • Highly effective products in niche areas.
  • All products manufactured through WHO-GMP compliant units which assure safety & quality of products
  • All documentation in place for registration of the product in the country/countries of operation.

Healthcare Professionals (HCPs)

Professionals who constantly lookout for good Ayurvedic medicines for their patients and place orders with AVN Ayurveda. We can ship the products straight to the patient while also recognising the professionals for their prescription and trust.

Benefits for HCPs

  • Highly effective medications of very high quality
  • Direct shipping of products to their clients/patients
  • Future potential for collaboration in setting up distribution and marketing of AVN Ayurveda products.

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