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Modernizing Ayurveda

On a mission to provide quality health care to all

AVN Ayurveda started its journey with the mission to bring about holisticwellness through efficiency of Ayurveda combined with modern research anddevelopment. With this vision the AVN Group of companies was founded in 1930 at Madurai by the renowned Ayurvedic Physician Arya Vaidyan N. Rama Varier, an illustrious disciple of the late Vaidya Ratnam P.S. Varier of Kottakkal. Our highlyqualified panel of practitioners are constantly focused on improving thehealthcare scenario in the nation as well as abroad. Through our holistic approachof Consultation, Clinics, Hospitals, Therapies, High-quality Medicines, and Infrastructure, we are creating a better, healthier future for Healthcare in India.

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  • 90 Years of
    Ayurvedic legacy
  • 90 Bedded state-of-the-
    art hospitals
  • 25K Strong network
    of Vaidyas
  • 7+ Clinics across
    6 cities


Combining ancient wisdom with modern healthcare methods

AVN Ayurveda reimagines Ayurveda by combining its wisdom with modern research, manufacturing, andmarketing methodologies. The outcome is in the form of an exhaustive range of high-quality Ayurvedic medicationsused for treating specific ailments or disorders. Through all its efforts, AVN Ayurveda tries to deliver effectiveoptions for the Ayurvedic fraternity, which subsequently results in better healthcare for their patients. AVN Ayurveda is preferred by reputed clinicians for quite a few reasons:


90 Years of
rich experience


Full range of
traditional Ayurvedic


Well-connected network
of doctors


New therapeutic
segment products


More than 30 specially
formulated, highly effective
proprietary and branded products


High domestic and
international presence

Full range of traditional Ayurvedic products 90 Years of rich experience Well-connected network of doctors New therapeutic segment products High domestic and international presence More than 30 specially formulated, highly effective proprietary and branded products

AVN Ayurveda, the legacy, the promise & the mission

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AVN Ayurveda Associates

Contributors and partners in success



Persistent collaborations for modernising Ayurveda

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Ayurvedic Students

Shaping the future of healthcare in India with AVN Ayurveda

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Extending the goodness of Modern Ayurveda beyond boundaries

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Allopathy Doctors

Together, towards the betterment of healthcare in India

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Pharma Companies

Changing the face of Ayurvedic medicines in the nation

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Collaborations for supporting the future generation of Ayurveda practitioners

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Product Portfolio


Featured Products

Explore our branch of innovative products backed by years of experience and ever-evolving research.


Classical Products

Check out our range of traditional classical products which we have been manufacturing and have perfected & innovated over the course of 9 decades.


Export Products

Introduce people around the world to the power of Modern Ayurveda

Research at AVN Ayurveda

Healthcare Innovation & Evolution

Owing to our profound experience spanning over 9 decades, we have the right understanding of what exactly do clinicians require for establishing a successful practice. We know that, along with consultations, clinicians also require the right set of medicines that help them provide better healthcare to their patients. Which is exactly what AVN Ayurveda tries to deliver, consistently, through years of research and modern manufacturing approach. We strive hard to amplify the efficacy and reliability of traditional medicines through research and development. Collaborating with modern science and Ayurveda we believe in bringing newer and better products in the healthcare industry.