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Zeotone® Soft Gel Capsules

Zeotone® Soft Gel Capsules

A pinnacle in the evolution of Osteoarthritis medication

Zeotone®Soft Gel Capsule is a product formed out of extensive understanding of Ayurveda and modern pharmacological techniques. The foundation of this solution is the general Ayurveda principle of management, which says “bahyabhyantra sneho asthimajjagatam jayet”.

Our approach has led us to a path-breaking discovery as today, Zeotone® stands as the most powerful anti-degenerative medicine for the management of osteoarthritis. The medicament in Zeotone is a proprietary Ayurvedic taila which is prepared by processing Tila Taila with a variety of herbs like the dasamoola, baladvaya, yashtimadhu, punarnava & Gandha tailam

Product Indications

Zeotone® capsules are used to treat the following conditions:

    Common pain indications can occur due to:

    • Primary DegenerativeOsteoarthritis
    • Injuries to ligaments or degeneration of ligaments in major joints

Effective Dosage

2 capsules thrice daily before food

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Product Benefits And Features

    • Helps in the reduction of degenerative changes in the articular cartilages of joints
    • The only formulation for Osteoarthritis which is genuinely in line with the concepts of Ayurveda of Abhyantara Snehapaana for Vataja vikaras
    • Highly effective in the reduction & reversal of degeneration in the articular cartilages, which is predominantly caused due to vata dosha
    • Potentiated with highly effective herbs helps repair and rebuild the articular cartilages in joints, restoring normal mobility in patients.
    • Helps improve synovial fluid viscosity and concentration in joints, thereby reducing pain and stiffness in patients.
    • Formulated in the form of a soft gelatin capsule which helps increase palatability and dosage compliance

Ingredients & Composition


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