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Prostilon® Tablets

Prostilon® Tablets

Powerhouse ingredients for a modern Ayurveda cure!

BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia is a disease that affects people in their old age, manifesting itself with symptoms like weak urine flow, increased urge to urinate, frequent urination during the night & a feeling of incomplete micturition. AVN with it’s clinical experience in managing BPH and it’s prowess in research has developed Prostilon® with ingredients like Punarnava, Triphala, Amshumathi dwaya and other vata-hara & mutrala dravyas which is very effective in the management of BPH & it’s symptoms.

Product Indications

Prostilon is indicated in the following conditions

    • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasias
    • Prostatic cancer – along with the allopathic standard of care as an adjuvant
    • Chronic Prostatitis

Effective Dosage

2 tablets twice to thrice daily depending on condition

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Product Benefits And Features

    • Prostilon® inhibits the growth of the prostate gland through its anti-proliferative activities thereby helping in the reversal of the disease.
    • It helps in relaxing the smooth muscles of the prostate gland and relieves symptoms like increased urgency, incomplete micturition, increased frequency of micturition at night, thereby increasing the quality of life.
    • It helps improve the production and elimination of urine.
    • It has anti-inflammatory ingredients which help reduce pain and burning sensation during urination.
    • It is formulated as a modern pharmaceutical tablet that helps in increased palatability & compliance to the prescribed regimen.
Prostilon® Tablets

Ingredients & Composition

BPH with severe burning micturition

Prostilon tablets 2-0-2 B/F + Diuraven D.S 2-2-0 A/F

BPH with Prostatitis


01 How long does Prostilon take to show its action?

ignificant improvement in symptoms is seen by using prostilon for a month in mild cases. For more severe cases of BPH it takes longer. Reduction in size of prostate - continuous use for at least 4-6 months

02 Does Prostilon help reduce the size of an enlarged prostate?

03 Does Prostilon show a reduction in size on a USG after a period of treatment?

04 Is Prostilon helpful in other conditions like UTI, Renal Calculi etc?

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