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Luecofre Tablets

Luecofre Tablets

Ayurveda has effective solutions for chronic cervicitis which has been used for several years.

AVN Ayurveda, with its experience & expertise in Ayurveda, has researched & developed Leucofre for the management of Leucorrhoea & cervicitis

Product Indications

    • Chronic cervicitis
    • Leucorrhoea

Effective Dosage

2 tablets twice daily

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Product Benefits And Features

    • Triphala in Leucofre is known for its excellent wound & ulcer healing properties & also act as very strong anti-oxidants
    • Guggulu in Leucofre helps reduce inflammation in the cervix & vagina
    • Luecofre also has Musali, Shatavari, Jambu & Gokshura which are generally considered to be very good uterine tonics.
Luecofre Tablets

Ingredients & Composition


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