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Lactoven Capsules

Lactoven capsules

Promoting overall wellness for mothers

Breast Milk is most essential for the development of babies during their first six months. Not only it protects the babies from SIDS but also juvenile diabetes and heart disorder. Unfortunately, cases of lactation insufficiency have been on the rise in India and can hamper the development of babies. With its age-old experience in Ayurvedic research, AVN Ayurveda has developed a safe solution for lactation inadequacy.

Lactoven capsules have been deemed fit for use after a series of animal tests. Lactoven capsules are made from ayurvedic extracts and do not offer any side effects. AVN Group understands the degree of caution a mother takes for the safety of her children. Lactoven is a natural medicine that works very well when taken with a nutritious diet.


Product Indications

    To promote Lactation in mothers.

Effective Dosage

Two capsules of Lactoven daily before food with a nutritious diet.

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Product Benefits And Features

    The pros of using Lactoven are stated below:

    • No chemical galactagogues are used in the manufacturing of Lactoven. Instead, it contains natural galactagogues like Ashwagandha, Shatavari, and Vidari known for increasing the flow of breast milk.
    • The amount of milk produced by lactating mothers can be increased with the aid of Lactoven.
    • If a lactating mother has somehow stopped producing breast milk, Lactoven can rejuvenate milk secretion.
    • Prolactin is the hormone responsible for the growth of breasts and the amount of milk secreted. Prolactin levels are generally high for pregnant females or new mothers. Lactoven can help balance the prolactin level in your body.
    • Lactoven also acts as an effective antioxidant that is good for your patient’s overall health.
Lactoven Capsules

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