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Herboplex Capsules

Herboplex Capsules

Fighting fatigue via holistic management of chronic illnesses
During chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, and hypertension, patients also experience fatigue. This fatigue often gets severe as time passes and needs individual attention. Unfortunately, clinicians often ignore fatigue as they are busy in the treatment of chronic disorders. While many chemical-equipped medicines claim to remove fatigue, they also have some side effects. Herboplex is a natural solution without any side effects that can aid in defeating fatigue in chronic diseases.
Manage fatigue in your patients with AVN’s herboplex.

Ignoring fatigue and focusing only on chronic disease will not improve overall health. Management of chronic illness along with the fatigue that is associated with it is vital. When the fatigue gets reduced, chronic patients witness improvement in their quality of life. Herboplex is a holistic medicine that can treat your fatigue due to chronic disease over time.

Product Indications

    • Continuous fatigue due to chronic illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, and cancer.
    • Fatigue due to bacterial and viral infections.

Effective Dosage

Two capsules, to be taken twice daily before food.

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Product Benefits And Features

    The advantages of Herboplex capsules are as follows:

    • As mentioned in the ‘Jeevaneeya Gana,’ Herboplex contains a concentrated decoction of herbs like Jivanti, Mudgaparni, Masha Parni, and Madhuka. In Ayurveda, these herbs are linked to ‘Balya’ (strength), ‘Rasayana’ (longevity), and ‘Mamsavardhaka’ (enhancing muscles).
    • Herboplex contains Ashwagandha that is a proven herb to enhance physical health and boost immunity. Ashwagandha is an age-old herb that also aids in reducing stress and anxiety.
    • Chronic diseases often end up damaging end organs. Herboplex has herbs that are antioxidants which prevent end organs from damage and complications.
    • Neuro-tonic pathways can be corrected with the aid of Herboplex.
    • Diseases like diabetes result in the formation of peripheral neuropathy that causes numbness in the human body. Peripheral neuropathy can last long and needs immediate attention. Herboplex helps prevent the formation of peripheral neuropathy in the body.

Ingredients & Composition


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