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Cofavin – DM Syrup

Cofavin-DM Syrup

Faster cough relief with no side-effects

At AVN Ayurveda, our aim is always to innovate medicines while keeping them unadulterated, organic and side-effects free!
We have developed Cofavin-DM Syrup to provide fast relief from cough and associated difficulties. Incorporated in 1930, AVN Ayurveda has proven experience in developing effective herbal medicines. Both diabetic and non-diabetic patients can use the Cofavin-DM Syrup without any side effects.

Cofavin-DM is not only effective for common cough but also can help reduce symptoms of other upper respiratory tract infections
In addition, Cofavin-DM Syrup can also boost your immunity so that your body can fight the disorder next time.. Made from natural ingredients, Cofavin-DM has proved to be a robust solution for cough. Read on to know more about this sugar-free herbal cough syrup.

Product Indications

You can consume this syrup if you have the following difficulties:

    • Productive cough with phlegm or mucus
    • Non-productive cough
    • Problems in the upper respiratory tract that affects sinuses, throat, lungs, or nose.

Effective Dosage

The dosage of Cofavin-DM Syrup for different ages are as follows:

Kids aged below three years should take only half teaspoons (2-3 times a day).

Kids aged between 3 to 15 years should take 1 tablespoon (2-3 times a day).

People aged more than 15 years can take 1 tablespoon (3-4 times a day).

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Product Benefits And Features

    The pros of Cofavin-DM Syrup are listed below:

    • Due to the presence of expectorants like Vasa, Tulsi, and Madhuka, this syrup will help in the passage of sputum/mucus through the air passages.
    • A bronchodilator like Talisapatra prevents the shrinking of bronchi.
    • Mucolytics like Vasa and Pippali aid in clearing mucus from both upper and lower airways.
    • Relief from nasal congestion due to decongestants like Shunti and Maricha.
    • Instead of sugar, sorbitol is used to make Cofavin-DM fit for diabetic patients too.
    • Swelling and inflammation will be reduced due to the presence of Haridra, Tulsi, and Madhuka.
Cofavin – DM Syrup

Ingredients & Composition

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