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Koldoff Tablets

Koldoff Tablets

Treat respiratory sickness with holistic Koldoff relief tablets!

Viral and bacterial infections can attack the immune system at any time and weaken the body. Without enough immunity to fight them off, humans are prone to facing several allergic reactions, which can make them fall severely ill as they can result in respiratory infections in the upper respiratory tract.

With the goodness of Ayurveda & modern formulation techniques, Koldoff is an effective solution for managing allergies & infections in the upper respiratory tract. It serves as an antiviral and antibacterial agent that delivers potent immunity-boosting strength to the body and helps it fight infections that attempt to invade the system.

Product Indications

Koldoff tablets are indicated for use in various respiratory conditions and allergies that can result from viral and bacterial infections. Koldoff tablets can prove to be effective in a wide array of conditions, including the following:

    • Rhinitis (Allergic or Infectious)
    • Pharyngitis
    • Sinusitis
    • Adenoiditis
    • Laryngitis
    • Tonsillitis

Effective Dosage

For Children below 3 years of age – ½ to 1 tablet twice daily powdered & mixed with honey.

For children from 3-5 years of age – 2 tablets twice daily powdered & mixed with honey.

For children above 5 years of age & adults – 2 tablets thrice daily.

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Product Benefits And Features

    • Packed with a powerful combination of ingredients like Katphalam, Kantakari, Triphala, Pippali, etc., Koldoff helps the body to fight acute & chronic upper respiratory tract inflammations.
    • Herbs in Koldoff also help reduce the occurrence of allergies in the upper respiratory tract.
    • Formulated as a tablet Koldoff is easy and convenient for your patients to consume.
    • 100% Ayurveda medicine limits the occurrence of side effects or reactions in the body, otherwise common with most Allopathy.
    • Convenient to administer in adults as well as in children.
Koldoff Tablets

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