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Understanding AVN's Soft Gel Capsules

There are a lot of tailams in Ayurveda that are recommended for internal consumption for various disease explained in the text books of Ayurveda. Internal consumption of tailam is a very arduous task and there is little to no compliance in patients who are advised to take tailams internally.
Recognizing this difficulty, AVN with it’s expertise in conversion of Ayurvedic formulas to tailams decided to encapsulate a few of the most important tailams that are recommended for oral consumption.
The tailams are manufactured in the authentic way and are then encapsulated into soft gelatin capsules that are easy to consume.
Our Quality assurance ensures that each batch of tailams & it’s soft gel capsules, complies with the samyak paka lakshanas told in the text books of Ayurveda as well as the norms mentioned in the AFI in terms of quality.

Why choose AVN's Soft Gel Capsules?

  • Manufactured using traditional formulae and methods.
  • Manufactured in a semi-automatic plant.
  • AVN's QC ensures highest quality in every batch
  • Has a high amount of medicament.


2 capsules twice or thrice daily as required

AVN has a range of traditional tailams
as Soft Gel Capsules

Ksheerabala (101) Soft Gel Capsules

120 Capsules


Gandha Tailam Soft Gel Capsules

120 Capsules


Dhanwantaram (101) Soft Gel Capsules

120 Capsules


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